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El Monte Lodge

San Luis · Argentina


High Volume Dove & Volume Pigeon

The legends of wingshooting in Argentina are well-known, but this place, a vast fertile valley in the central plain of San Luis Province, isolated from the rest of the shooting world by the Comechingones Mountains to the east, is the holy place. The undiscovered mecca of bird hunting in South America.

Each day of shooting at El Monte is a unique experience. It has exclusive access to over 20 ranches with thousands and thousands of acres and untold numbers of birds.

While the bulk of the traveling hunters go to Cordoba to shoot in the dove factory; a unique, old-world experience lays on the other side of the mountain pass, with tens of millions of resident dove, and wild pigeons that have reached biblical plague proportions. To experience it for yourself, you’ll have to take a step back in time.

Woods and virgin low forest surround the sunflower, wheat, sorghum and corn fields while plenty of irrigation pivots and first feedlots dot the area; it’s perfect for nesting, roosting and it produces plenty of feed – a year-round bird and bird shooter’s paradise.
The variety of shooting opportunities is the focus: decoyed pigeons, high-volume doves and pigeon flyways. Start the day with either a high-volume dove shoot or a decoyed pigeon morning.

You can also enjoy horseback riding, visits to artisan shops, cooking classes, golf, seasonal trout fishing, touring sites of interest, and trekking.


The lodge itself is an immaculate restoration of a 100-plus-year-old residence built by the British railroad engineers in Argentina. With 14-foot ceilings, original English Oak flooring, expansive guest rooms with private baths, and filled with beautiful antique furnishings.

Open living areas provide plenty of room to lounge in comfort when you’re not in the field.


Located in Yacanto, between Córdoba and San Luis, 3-hour drive distance from Córdoba airport.