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Tipiliuke Lodge

Neuquén · Argentina

Chimehuin River

The Chimehuín was probably the first Patagonian River to become world famous and Joe Brooks played a key part in this. He started fishing and writing about the wonders of the browns and rainbows of the Chimehuín back in the 50s and 60s.

Historically it is the Chimehuín River that gave fishing in Patagonian its fame. Stories of great rainbows and monster browns were told and heard of repeatedly. The Chimehuín became a legend. I spent great part of my youth wading and fishing the Chimehuín in all its length, and some of the biggest trout I’ve ever caught have come from it, as also some of my most unforgettable memories. This is also a magical river where monsters dwell, and one never knows when it’s one’s turn to catch them.
Years went by and overfishing shadowed the fishing quality of the Chimehuín during the 80s. My dream was to be able to extend the “catcha nd release”; regulation, then already existing for the Malleo, on to the Chimehuín as well. After countless meetings with the people at the fish and game department I was finally able to have the provincial government pass “catch and release”; regulation for the Chimehuín in 1992.The river recovered fast and was son included as a regular part of Patagonia Outfitter’s fishing program. It didn’t take long to start seeing great results. Today the Chimehuín offers superb dry and wet fly fishing. It is challenging yet very rewarding. Big browns are regularly caught as well as big Surface feeding rainbows.”


Tipiliuke Lodge. The lodge has 9 exquisitely furnished double rooms, each with its private bathroom, comfortable living and dining areas and an attractive bar where experiences are shared every evening. The cuisine is superb. In addition to your Patagonia Outfitter’s guide who will be with you every day, the lodge hosts, together with their friendly and efficient staff, will see to your every request. There is another house available for accommodation throughout the season. It is known as “The River House”. It is a charming house, ideal for groups of friends or families. This elegant and sophisticated house has four double bedrooms with private bathroom plus comfortable living and dining rooms. The house is in a very secluded and peaceful spot, about a 100-yard walk from the Chimehuín River. Tipiliuke is also a great place for guests who may be traveling with non-fishing spouses or the more casual fisher-person. Horseback rides and treks as well as sight seeing or even shopping tours can be arranged due to its proximity to San Martín de los Andes.


Located just a short drive (20 minutes driving distance) from the attractive mountain town of San Martín de los Andes, Estancia Tipiliuke offers accommodation in one of the most sophisticated lodges anywhere.