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Neuquén · Argentina

Chimehuin River, Collon Cura River

Tres Rios Lodge is a singularly attractive and secluded lodge located right on the confluence of the Chimehuin and the Collon Cura Rivers.

The lodge offers private access to 10 miles of the best and most productive stretches of the Chimehuin River which can be fished both by floating and by wading, with dries, nymphs and streamers. This section of the river gets very little pressure due to its remoteness; virtually only Tres Rios Lodge’s guests can access it without having to float dozens of miles to reach its secluded waters. It also offers access to productive stretches of the Collon Cura River as well as to several side-lagoons that hold large trout.


Tres Rios Lodge is a breathtaking spot in the middle of the Patagonian wilderness, surrounded by profuse wildlife, offering interesting and attractive variety of waters. A true Patagonian experience


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