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Overnight Floats

Neuquén · Argentina


Enjoy complete service at high class comfortable camps perfectly set-up and ready for you after a day of fishing/floating the region’s best river sections.

Gear-boats and staff will be floating ahead of you in order to properly set-up camp and fix hefty meals along with gallons of Malbec wines, besides other comforts. These are ideal programs for those who’ll prefer to optimize their valuable time on the river, or fish those “hard to get to” spots and stretches.
Mid-Limay River: High class overnight camps are the answer in order to maximize your time on this section of the Limay without having to drive back and forth the nearest town every day and night.
Lower Chimehuin River: A 2-day float with 1 night camping out is one of the classic Patagonian experiences which offers good fishing conditions virtually during the entire season.
Aluminé River: A 2-night/3-day or 1-night/2-day float trip down the canyon section of the Aluminé, along breathtaking rock formations, great fishing and incredible wildlife scenes including the Andean condor.
Caleufu River: This is a classic early season float. The trip is normally 2-nights/3-days and it starts out in the mountains flowing its way along the foothills of the Andes into the meandering planes. This is a prolific river that can be easily floated December through mid-January.


Simple but yet comfortable the camp provides you with all necessary camping equipment to overnight in nature close by the river.


Daily commercial flights from Buenos Aires to Bariloche will get you here while San Martin de los Andes Airport offers daily flights on January and February only. Flight time from Buenos Aires is two (2) hours.