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San Jose Lodge

Tierra del Fuego · Argentina

Wading fishing

Rio Grande River

This unique private Estancia owned by Ted Turner is 24,000 acres large and holds 15 miles of the Rio Grande inside the Ranch, being the only fishing lodge that owns the banks on both sides of the river. This privilege gives the angler the chance to fish the most productive beats on this unique stretch.

The ranch relies on wind energy to provide power for each and every house on the property, this source of power was renovated in 1999.
The Rio Grande River starts in Chile and crosses all the way (from West to East) through Argentina into the Atlantic Ocean. This river is home to the famous Giant Sea Trout that finding rich nutrients in the Ocean will run all the way down into it and return to the river once every single year during the South Cone summer (January – March) to spawn . The average size is between 8 and 10 pounds but 20 pounders are caught every week.


This private and exclusive Lodge hosted celebrities such as Jimmy Carter, Val Kilmer and of course is every year home to Ted and his family and distinguished guest. Its capacity is up to 10 guests (4 anglers maximum) with 5 double rooms each with their private bathroom.


Located on the Rio Grande in the island of Tierra del Fuego, 1,2-hours driving distance from Rio Grande Airport.