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Santa Rita Lodge

Buenos Aires · Argentina


Duck, Perdíz

Our Premier Duck shooting destination

This lodge is an incredible 100-plus-year-old, Basque style, mountain mansion. Truly a beautiful lodge with much history, we also offer our guests gourmet food and seven tastefully decorated rooms in the peaceful setting of the Buenos Aires Province countryside.

We are highly committed to making great strides with innovative permanent dry blinds, electronic duck calls and other additions to the daily hunts to make for a quality experience and the best waterfowl shooting of your life.

The area around Estancia Santa Rita supports 12 duck species of ducks such as the Chilean Wigeon, Teal (Silver, Ringed, Speckled, Cinnamon and Brazilian), Yellow Billed and White Cheeked Pintail, Fulvous and White-Faced Whistling and the country’s trophy duck, the Rosy Billed Pochard. Although weather, blind location, and water levels determine the makeup of a day’s take, many hunters’ bags consist of 7-11 different species.

We utilize the best equipment to maximize your hunting experience and are constantly striving to improve our methods.

Also available at Santa Rita are perdiz shoots over pointing dogs. This upland, Chukkar-sized game bird, flushes in singles and pairs and provides a challenging target and is excellent table fare. Conducted over English Pointers and Brittany Spaniels in terrain similar to that of the Midwest (but typically flat), the perdiz complement the ducks by providing a more active, on-foot hunt.


All guests stay in the main home of the Estancia Santa Rita lodge, an incredible three story Basque style mansion which has been impeccably maintained throughout the years offering our guests the opportunity to step back and time and relax in true old world comfort complemented modern conveniences.

The lodge is approximately 18,000 square feet (three floors). It has three very attractive living rooms (one with a large TV with DirecTV), a large dining room, a giant third floor game room with a pool table (billiards) and another bar; a spacious kitchen, a movie room (we call it a “micro-cinema”), an outdoor jacuzzi, and WiFi service. Santa Rita has 7 spacious bedrooms and 6 private baths for our guests. The lodge allows for the possibility of having up to 13 guests at one time. The lodge and rooms are tastefully decorated and tell the story of one of Argentina’s great cattlemen.


Getting to Estancia Santa Rita is easy. The ranch is located 250 miles from Buenos Aires, Argentina and the closest town is Daireaux.

The nearest city is Pehuajo. Travel time to the ranch is approximately 5 hours from Buenos Aires by car, or 1 hour 15 minutes by private air charter. There is a 1,000 meter grass landing strip on the property which allows for twin-engine airplanes to operate (Cessna 402 and similar or smaller planes). There is a 1,500 meter paved landing strip in Pehuajo for Metroliners or private jets. Pehuajo is a 45 minute drive from the lodge.