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Collon Cura Lodge

Neuquén · Argentina

Collon Cura River

Estancia Collon Cura, owned by Ted Turner is a 70,000 acre ranch land innovatively managed partnering economic viability with ecological sustainability.

Located on the banks of the Collon Cura River and having private and exclusive access to the best spots of this prolific river makes the perfect day for an unforgettable fishing experience.

One of the top rivers in Northern Patagonia, and a Patagonia Outfitters all time favorite, the Collon Cura offers very unique features. This is a large river that collects the waters from various other tributaries as it flows from North to South: Rivers Aluminé, Pulmarí, Rucachoroi, Nahuel Mapi, Quilca, Quillén, Malleo, Catan Lil, Quillquihue , Chimehuin and Quemquemtreu, shed their waters into the mighty Collon Cura River. This is a classic Patagonian plains river that meanders along the high Patagonian steppe offering ideal conditions for profuse resident wild populations of big and healthy rainbows, browns and Patagonian perch. Willow lined banks, sand cliffs and rolling hills shape the Collon Cura River’s unique and attractive landscape. Underwater life is varied and profuse. The Collon Cura River Valley is populated with some of the most spectacular wildlife you’ll find anywhere. We utilize drift boats to cover mileage but fishing can be done both by wading and from the boat in order to reach incredibly productive hot spots. The Collon Cura is a versatile river; it can be successfully fished with streamers, nymphs, dries, attractors and terrestrials. The Collon Cura is prolific and interesting, it is everybody’s river.


Collon Cura Lodge is located at Estancia Collon Cura, a 70,000 acre ranch owned by Ted Turner.
Innovatively managed, partnering economic viability with ecological sustainability, Collon Cura Lodge accommodates up to eight guests in 4 double rooms with private bathrooms and a cozy living room. Easy access by paved roads, only 45 minutes from San Martin de los Andes airport and 1.5 hours from Bariloche Airport.
The property features river frontage for approximately the last 20 miles of the Collon Cura before it enters the lake. Nearly 23,000 hectares (45,000 acres). It is one of the few truly private, long fisheries left in Argentina; private because the are no public access points once a boat enters the property, and nothing at the end of the float except a lake. What makes the place special is its location, the exclusivity, and the terrific fishing. The lodge is easy to get to by paved roads from both San Martin de los Andes and Bariloche airports. And as a destination, due to its logistically unique location, it can be easily combined with mostly all of the other lodges offered by Patagonia Outfitters in Northern Patagonia, allowing for interesting and exciting combo programs to be arranged. The small attractive lodge is located at the river’s confluence with the lake, and there are 5 access points for drifts, and a number of wade beats. The beats allow for short floats or wade trips on the day of arrival or departure, as well as full day drifts during a full week. Needless to say, staff, service, wines and meals are better than outstanding, and it’s atmosphere is really unique, the type you’ll expect to encounter and enjoy at a truly genuine fly-fishing lodge in the middle of the Patagonian wilderness.


Located in Neuquen Province (Northern Patagonia), 50 minutes driving distance from San Martin de los Andes Airport.