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Los Araucanos Lodge

La Pampa · Argentina


Black Buck, Red Stag, Russian Boar – Free Range – Dove, Pigeon, Perdíz

Located in southern La Pampa province, the rolling plains region southwest of Buenos Aires lies Los Araucanos, one of the most well known ranches in the region. These region of La Pampa Province has the deepest roots for hunting in Argentina and it certainly apparent with our guides knowledge and passion for these hunts.

This 40,000 acre ranch provides an ideal habitat for several free range, big game species: Russian Boar, Black Buck Antelope, and wild Red Stag.

All operations at Los Araucanos are strictly fair-chase hunts – this is not a high fence shoot. Excellent pigeon over decoys, high volume dove and four different species for perdíz shooting make for a complete hunting adventure as our clients are able to enjoy both big game hunting and wingshooting on the same property. Groups may of course choose to join us just for a wing shooting trip or only to shoot big game.


Los Araucanos is a classic Argentine estancia house that offers 6 comfortable rooms with 3 bathrooms assigned to them, ample living-room and dining-room space and international cuisine.


Located at 2,5 hours driving distance from Bahía Blanca Airport.